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Why it is hard to understand women

  • Women are emotional, whilst men are logical

Women are often hard for men to understand, because they are inconsistent, they change their minds all the time, they say they will do one thing and then they do another etc.  A lot of what they do doesn’t seem to make sense until you understand how they think or, more accurately, how they feel. 

Women are led by their feelings.  This is partly why they don’t tend to take responsibility for their actions and nobody really expects them to.  For example, a woman can justify an infidelity by saying “I was bored”, “I didn’t feel the spark anymore” and so on and people nod in sympathy, whereas if a man said the same thing people would call him a rat.  At some level society doesn’t really expect women to take responsibility for what they do – often if a woman murders her husband, people feel sorry for her and speculate on what he did to deserve it.    

All of this can make dealing with women very frustrating for a man.  You arrange a date and then she flakes, or you do what she says she wants to and she loses attraction for you.  But if you understand that what matters is how you make her feel, you start to understand how you can use this to your advantage

If you think about mainstream dating advice, which is full of various ploys and gimmicks, the common theme is on manipulating a woman’s feelings. For example, the practice of not always being available doesn’t make sense from a male point of view.  Surely if a girl likes you she’d be happy if you were available all of the time?  But for a woman, it’s not about logic, it’s about emotion.  You have to make her feel that it’s somewhat difficult to get you or she won’t appreciate you.  You have to make her miss you and feel the fear of losing you, otherwise she’ll rationalise that the feelings just aren’t there.

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