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One thing I’ve noticed over the last few years:

When a woman likes you, she’ll come close to you.
If she doesn’t, she’ll keep her distance.

This is often done very subtly, so that you won’t notice unless you’re very observant and specifically looking out for it.

For example, a woman could sit next to you on a park bench and place her handbag between you as a barrier. Or she could sit down opposite you at a table rather than next to you, which means that is physically impossible to reach out and touch her. If she does that you might as well end the date right there and go home, because you’re wasting your time.

It’s very important when you’re with a girl to get close to her, because this is the first stage in escalation. When you do this, you have to watch her reaction and notice what she does. Does she lean in and stay close to you or does she move away? Does she raise objections or bring in other people to use as cockblockers and get in your way?

This can be extrapolated to include situations such as online dating, messaging, group dates etc. All of these situations involve her being more than 1 meter away from you or having other people in the way, which means that the chance of any physical contact are zero. But meanwhile she’s still getting attention, which is something that women often want from men regardless of their level of attraction.

A woman that likes you will come and sit next to you, lean in close and be interested in whatever you have to say. She won’t move away or ask you “what are you doing” if you put your hand on her leg, for example. Meanwhile, if a woman does say “what are you doing?” and moves away, or if she just pulls away when you touch her without saying anything, then you know the deal. But generally, the smarter attention whores will avoid ever letting you get that close in the first place by bringing in cockblockers, using furniture and handbags etc as obstacles etc, or just wasting your time by only talking to you online and never/very rarely actually meeting up.

If you’re not sure if a girl likes you here’s what you need to do. Get close to her and see if she moves away. If she doesn’t, touch her lightly and see if she pulls away or objects. And if it’s impossible to ever get that close or be alone with her (no matter how good the excuse) but she still wants to chit chat all day long – then you know that she’s an attention whore.

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