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How to avoid the friend zone

How guys end up in the Friend Zone

There are two ways that guys end up in the Friend Zone – either they fail to make a move on a girl they like or they are dealing with a girl that simply isn’t interested in them.

This can be particularly frustrating, because often guys can spend months or even years working up the courage to express their interest in a girl, only for her to turn them down.

Girls will often take advantage of guys like this by using them for favours and money or will start treating them as if they were gay or female, talking about other guys that they’re dating and hooking up with etc.

How to avoid it

The number one way to avoid the Friend Zone is simply to make a move quickly when you first meet a girl in order to find out whether or not the interest is mutual. Don’t become friends with a girl unless that’s really what you want and don’t lie to yourself about it – if you’d be annoyed to see her hooking up with one of your friends because you want her yourself, for example, then you should not be friends with her. If you don’t really care who she hooks up with, either because you have plenty of other options or you’re not really that attracted to her, then you can be her friend.

Being friends with a girl is not a way to get with her. You shouldn’t be treating a girl that you’re interested in sexually as a friend. You shouldn’t be chatting online, texting or meeting up in groups, because none of this gets you closer to your objective and it won’t help you to find out whether or not she is interested. You certainly shouldn’t be introducing her to your other friends. Instead, you need to meet her alone, get close to her and start touching her subtly (escalation). Most of my books contain an explanation of exactly how to do this.

This brings me to the second part about how to avoid the Friend Zone. You want to quickly figure out whether or not a girl is interested in you, in order to avoid wasting time on girls that have no interest. Often guys make the mistake of believing that just because a girl is talking to them or spending time with them, they must be some sexual interest. That is totally wrong – a lot of women simply enjoy male attention and they’ll take it from anyone. In fact, the more you like them the more exciting it is for her to talk to you, even if she has no interest at all.

So to avoid this it is crucially important that you learn how to figure out if a girl is interested in you…

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