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Why Tinder Sucks

Men want to get laid. Women, obviously (and despite what feminists will tell you) are significantly less interested in sex. This creates an imbalance, which leads to a vicious cycle of women making less and less effort whilst men make more and more.

Generally speaking, women have a totally passive strategy. Their game is limited to going out and doing whatever they wanted to do anyway, and either accepting or declining the offers they get. Of course, they can sway the odds by going to certain types of places (e.g. expensive places where rich men hang out). It’s not as if they have to pay to get in or buy drinks for themselves most of the time, anyway.

Men, on the other hand, have to spend enormous amounts of time and energy to get laid. They have to compete with all of the other guys, put their reputation on the line by being the one to make a move (otherwise they’ll get nothing), deal with women that are just out to use them and waste their time, etc.

So it would seem like a dating app like Tinder would solve all of men’s problems. Unfortunately, the reality is that it just makes things worse. It seems to create some sort of feedback loop where women become even more entitled and arrogant and men become increasingly desperate – the end result is that men swipe right on everyone without even looking hoping to get a match, whilst women (even the horrendously ugly ones) swipe right on 0.5%. And the 0.5% are all the same small group of guys. Then the women get pissed of that these guys don’t respond to them and that men don’t read through hundreds of boring, low-effort and arrogant profiles that probably won’t match anyway before swiping on them.

Then women go back to their totally passive strategy of just basically doing nothing and just accepting or rejecting men that approach them in real life.

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