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Playing Stupid

Playing stupid is a manipulation tactic that certain women use to avoid responding when a man shows sexual interest.  They know that if they respond positively, the man will start to move the interaction forward and they absolutely don’t want that.  But on the other hand they don’t want to let him know that they’re not interested, because then he would move on and stop giving them attention.  So they play stupid.

Playing stupid can take several forms, but generally it takes the form of pretending not to be aware of a man’s intentions.  This allows them, for example, to keep going out with a man and enjoying free dinners or spending hours on the phone talking to a man that they have no intention of ever having a relationship with. 

The way to circumvent this manipulation tactic is to be very direct about your intentions and escalate as quickly as possible.  If you do this, you make it very hard for a woman to play stupid and pretend she doesn’t understand.  If you are timid and approach a woman in a way that it is not totally obvious that you want to have sex with her, this gives her the room to play games by pretending that she doesn’t know what’s going on.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that some women actually are fairly stupid.  That said, even the dumbest women tend to know if a guy is interested in them.

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