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Always Be Approaching

Most men’s problems with women come down to one thing – they do not approach enough.

That girl that didn’t reply to your message – that wouldn’t be a problem if you had approached 10 girls today. Women don’t swipe on you on dating apps – you wouldn’t even need dating apps if you were approaching enough women in real life.

Always be approaching – the more girls you approach, the more leads. The more leads, the less you will care about whether one particular lead works out.

You have to accept two things as a man – the first is that you’re the one that has to take the initiative. The second is that you have to not care too much about any one particular woman.

Because men find it hard to approach new women, they often make the mistake of quickly getting attached and investing too much in the few women that they do speak to.

They don’t want to let go and accept that a girl is just not interested, even though the signs are clear. Approaching more will make you less attached, less desperate and less clingy. It will also give you experience, so that over time you’ll get better at reading the signs that women give you through their words, their body language and their behavior.

Always be approaching. ABA.

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