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Men and women appear to want different things – people say that men want sex and women want resources, commitment or attention.  But really, both men and women want the same thing from each other: validation.   They both want to feel important, valued, attractive and special. Where they differ is in how they get this validation.

Men get validation through sex.  It’s not easy for the average man to get the sex they want.  Generally they will always want more – more number, more variety, hotter girls, etc.  So the sexual act, apart from being a physical pleasure, is also validating for a man.  It proves their value, their attractiveness, their charisma… their manhood even.  Anything less is not validating – a number, conversation or a complement doesn’t really mean anything much at all if it didn’t lead to a lay. 

Women don’t get validation through sex.  It may be a physical pleasure, but it is not an achievement.  Women are not boasting about their “laycount” and giving each other high fives every time they achieve another notch.  For women, a lay is not an accomplishment because any woman can easily go out and get sex any day of the week.  It doesn’t prove anything, as even the ugliest and most unattractive women can easily get laid.

So where do women get their validation?  Attention.  Women get their validation from the attention that they get from men. If men look at them, if men message them, if men like their photos on Instragram – all if this is attention.  This proves their value and the fact that they’ve still “got it”.   That they are still attractive to the opposite sex and, therefore, able to use their attractiveness to get what they want.  Their season ticket for the easy train through life is still valid.  Until one day it’s not.


What do men boast about?  How do they flex on other men and how do they put other men down?  Well, apart from money they like to show off their women.  Look at any rap video.  It may not be true that they are actually with these girls in real life just as the cars and boats etc. may be leased, but the intention is clear.  Look at me, I’m rich and I’m getting laid.  I’m better than you. Buy my music.

What do women boast about, then?  Do you see them surrounded by guys?  Maybe, but what do you notice about these men?  Generally, you’ll see the men wearing suits and serving the women – lavishing them with attention.  Look at me, look how much attention I get, look at all of the expensive things that men give to me.  I’m so important.  I’m a model.  I’ve got 500k followers on Instagram.

Oh, but that’s not true, you say.  Maybe you’ve heard women complaining about the attention they get from men.  Who are they complaining about?  They complain that low-class men whistle at them when they walk past a building site.  They complain that old men stare at their asses when they walk past a café.  They complain about the attention they get from men that they don’t consider useful.  But if you listen carefully, you’ll notice that although they sound like they’re complaining they’re actually bragging.  Look at me, I’m so pretty, everyone wants me. 


Society shames women that give away sex easily.  Other women, especially, don’t like it.  Why?  Why do they even care what another women does?  How does it affect them?  Well, the problem is that it devalues their currency. Just like printing money devalues the dollar or the pound.  If sex is given away easily, then it becomes harder for other women to charge a high price for it.  What man will pay in the form of commitment, favours, free labour etc for something that they can get for free?  That’s why women that give sex away easily are called “sluts”. 

So how does society shame men?  Specifically, how do men shame other men?  Men shame men that give their attention or money away easily.  We call them “simps”.  A simp is a man that idolises women and is easily manipulated by them.  They go around liking women’s photos on Instagram and telling narcissistic women how beautiful and special they are.  They give away the currency for free, rendering it worthless.

So what is the result of all of this?  What is the endgame?  Do women win and men lose?

They do, at first.  But in the long term men win.  What happens is that modern women are flooded with validation.  They get it all day long.  All they have to do is put an app on their phone and they continuously get messages from men telling them how beautiful, amazing and special they are.  And they believe it.  They become so egotistical and narcissistic that nobody can stand to be around them.  They start to think that they are right at the top of society, given that even rich men and famous men are simping for them.

But then comes the downfall.  Men want what they want.  They also want validation.  Since they get their validation from sleeping with women, the more the better.  Those at the top can sleep with an almost unlimited number of narcissistic spoiled women.  Of course, they don’t want to get into a relationship with any of these women, but they will have sex with them, get their notch and then move on. 

In the end, men and women get old.  The woman that spent her 20s having her ego blown up into the stratosphere has got used to the easy life of having men pay her bills for her and lavish her with attention.  Gradually that stops. Not having developed the ability to look after herself and not having “settled” for an ordinary man at her level, she starts to panic as she watches her options dry up.  Eventually even average men don’t want her.

Men, as they get older, start to realise the game and get tired of it.  They get tired of dealing with women that just want to take advantage of them and suck up their time and their attention.  They realise that most women their age have spent the last 10 years sleeping with other men that they considered superior to them and they don’t find these women worthy of commitment.  If they are able to continue dating younger women due to their success, their looks or their skill, then they continue doing this.  If not, they leave the scene completely.  Either way, women lose.

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