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Why you shouldn’t spend money on women

Spending money on a woman just makes it more difficult to know whether or not she is sexually attracted to you, because if she keeps on seeing you it may be just because she’s essentially a ho.  Spending a bunch of money just makes you look like a sucker and it muddies the water, which is the opposite of what you want to do.  It’s a mistake to think that you need to impress a woman or take her for an expensive meal on a first date.  That’s called being a sucker, because you’re giving away your time and resources to someone that may not even really like you. 

Instead of this, and especially when you’re first getting to know a new person, you should do things that don’t cost any money such as getting a coffee or an ice-cream, taking a walk in the park or by the sea etc.  You should also make sure that during these first dates you get a chance to get close to her and escalate, because that’s how you find out whether or not sexual attraction is there.  Sitting at an expensive restaurant with a big wide table separating you let’s you do none of that – you can’t escalate and you don’t know if she’s there for the free food. 

Another reason not to spend money is that women are rarely grateful for what they get from men.  Instead of appreciating what you do for her, she’s likely to see you as a fool and laugh at you behind your back.  It’s actually likely to make her feel less attraction for you because it communicates desperation and because of the way women tend to rationalise – if even for a second they wonder whether they should continue to see you because of the food or the money, they’ll start to wonder whether or not sexual attraction is really there.

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