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How to know if a girl is interested

When you meet a girl that you like, you should always try to find out whether or not she is interested in you as soon as possible. This is important in order to avoid getting emotionally attached, wasting your time and possibly getting taken advantage of by women that don’t really like you back.

If you fail to make a move quickly you can end up in the friend zone or just wasting a lot of time. The problem is that women will often actually try to prevent you from knowing whether or not they are interested by giving mixed signals and leading you on.

The first thing you need to understand is that just because a girl is interested in talking to you, hanging out with you, going on dates with etc, that doesn’t mean she’s interested in having sex with you. Women love attention from men, regardless of whether or not they find these men attractive. They also know that men are going to be extra nice and are going to be willing to do all kinds of favors for them as long as they don’t know that the girl doesn’t find them attractive.

So you will often have a situation where a girl doesn’t want you to know that she’s not interested, but she also doesn’t actually want to do anything with you. What these girls will do is they will always avoid avoid being in a situation with you where you might try to make a move, such as alone or in any isolated location. They’ll want to meet you in public places where there are plenty of other people around. Ideally they would prefer that you never feel comfortable enough to make a move, because if they have to tell you to stop then their lack of genuine interest becomes obvious.

So girls that just want attention and don’t really want to do anything with you will be careful avoid ever being alone with you or even meeting up at all and instead these types of girls will try to chat with you all day long on facebook or by text. That way they get the attention they crave, but they know you can’t make a move on them.

Women that just want to go on dates and eat for free will do the same, except that they will only meet you at restaurants and other places where they can get you to spend money and they will never want to do anything or go anywhere that doesn’t involve you spending money. Plus they will position themselves on the other side of a big wide table so that you can’t touch them.

A girl that actually likes you will not put any of these obstacles in your path. In fact, they’ll do the opposite – anything you suggest will sound good to them, even if it’s just a walk in the park or coming with you to do your laundry. They won’t care if you go somewhere expensive or don’t spend any money at all, because the important thing is being with you. And they’ll be just as excited about meeting up and getting close to you as you are.

So, to recap – if a girl is avoiding meeting up in person or doesn’t ever want to be alone with you, then she is probably not interested and just wants to use you for money or attention. Another thing that girls that don’t really like you do is give excuses – if she tells you she’s ill, she’s busy for the next two weeks or that she has to comfort her friend because her cat died, the truth is that she’s probably just not sexually attracted to you.

Ultimately, assuming a girl is willing to meet up with you alone, the next thing you need to do is escalate….

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