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Goodbye Friend Zone

Hi! I’m Adam Uzun, also known as Dr. Skankypoon. I’ve written several controversial books to help men escape from the Friend Zone, consume more poon and avoid being manipulated, having their time wasted and getting shat on and used by women. Read my free articles, check out my books and use the form below if you want to ask me a question. Welcome to the Skanky Zone!

Click here if you would just like the short answer on how to avoid the Friend Zone or here if you want to know if that girl you keep thinking about is interested in you.

The Friend Zone – How to Avoid It

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Do you want the full guide on how to go from meeting a woman to getting laid?

Do you keep getting stuck in the Friend Zone?

Or would you like to understand how to avoid been used and manipulated by women?

Perhaps you’d just like to know which Red Flags to look out for when dating?

I’ve experienced all of these situations myself and over the years I’ve figured out strategies to avoid getting put in the Friend Zone and wasting time with women that are not genuinely interested. I’ve also learnt how to detect and get rid of women are that just out to take advantage or pull scams and I’ve traveled and lived in many different parts of the world and seen how the dating game changes in different countries (although, for the most part I’d say it doesn’t really change that much).

My books are not the typical dating guides full of the same recycled material, routines and gimmicks. My advice is all based on my own unique experience of what works for me and what doesn’t work. They are based as much on my failures (and what I learned from them) as my success. If you particularly want to know about the mistakes I made, you can read My Dating Fails which goes into detail about what has worked and not worked for me over the years, from when I was a schoolboy to the present day.

My books are designed to help guys that are struggling with women in different areas and the advice is meant to give practical, useful tips that will help guys to avoid the major pittfalls of dating – getting put in the Friend Zone, not knowing how to escalate, getting taken advantage of or being uncertain about whether or not a girl likes them.

My books are meant for men and of course women are welcome to read them if they want an insight into the male mindset, but I’m not here giving tips on how to get married or get a man to commit and give you all of his money etc. In fact, I’m helping men to avoid doing any of that.

Take a look at my latest book Red Pill Dating today!


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